You Down With OTT? The Race to Reach Cord Cutters in Lead Generation

Webinar — You Down with OTT? The Race to Reach Cord Cutters in Lead Generation

Over The Top/Connected TV advertising is the fastest-growing medium today. With over 50% of Americans now streaming their TV content, OTT advertising is no longer considered the future, it is here and now. Many lead generators use traditional television to drive leads to their clients, but what if you were able to target that television audience even more? Most of us have heard the terms “cord cutters” or “cord nevers” in the media, but do you know the size of the market, or even what those terms really mean? In this session, we will discuss “OTT” in depth including what it is, how advertisers are using it today, and some behind the scenes tips and tricks. OTT is where the target-ability of digital advertising meets the power of TV! Over The Top Marketing has become a leader in OTT advertising working with many common brand names, top universities, franchises, government agencies, banks, as well as smaller mom and pop shops around the country.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gain an understanding of OTT and all of its unique acronyms, definitions, and languages—You will be able to clearly understand and explain what OTT is after leaving the room
  • Understand how detailed you can go with both geography and demographic target segments
  • Discover the ease of putting a campaign into motion. From concept to going live, you will see how an entire campaign is put together and optimized throughout the flight
  • Key in on reporting, reporting, reporting—You will see a campaign in progress and what data points you can access to optimize campaigns in real-time
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