Issue 8

Penalties are being escalated by enforcers, the intricacies of partnerships in 2023, along with expert viewpoints, are available below. Before you wind down with a much-deserved Labor Day break, register for LeadsCon Connect before Saturday’s price increase!
For Whom the FCC's Bell Tolls
Earlier this month, the Federal Communications Commission levied a whopping fine of nearly $300M against an auto warranty operation run by Roy M. Cox and Aaron Michael Jones. Re-recorded voice calls to mobile phones without having prior express consent, violating spoofing laws, dialing numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry; Cox and Jones ran through the Greatest Hits of Bad Lead Gen Actors during their three-month span which included 5 billion robocalls to 500 million numbers.
HBO’s ‘Telemarketers’ Offers Inside View of The Scam
ICYMI, HBO premiered a three-part docu series around the Civic Development Group, a fraudulent telemarketing operation that raised money under the guise of supporting law enforcement and firefighter charities. The series, full of interesting and colorful characters, paints a problematic, though dated picture of an industry whose trust has been steadily eroded by bad actors. The final episode aired Sunday night, but is available on the streaming service.
Look Before You Leap: Experts Weigh in on Partnerships
Today at 3pm ET, LeadsCon’s editorial team will sit down with a cross section of industry experts to discuss how to build successful partnerships in lead gen. If you’re looking to find new partners for growth, you do not want to miss this panel which pulls together leading perspectives from across the lead generation ecosphere to give viewers a clearer sense of how to build beneficial, winning partnerships that deliver results. If you cannot attend the live webinar, make sure to register, and you will receive an email once it's available on-demand.
What Consent & Compliant Marketing Look Like in EDU
It’s no secret that regulators have been paying a heightened interest in for-profit educational institutions, but how have the legal implications recently evolved? Two of our favorite LeadsCon experts came together to discuss standards for engaging with third-party marketers, what compliant marketing practices look like in 2023, and the resilience of Jornaya’s conference socks. Check out this engaging conversation with Michele Shuster on Deborah Solmor’s new podcast EdUp Legal.
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