Marketing in a Pandemic

During a pandemic, business is not as usual. With limits on social interaction, companies have fewer ways to connect with prospects and customers. The phone call has always been effective for communication over distance and remains well positioned for this time. In fact, mobile carriers are seeing increases in the number of voice calls and in duration of those calls. Yet the rise of the robocall and its related scams have trained us to mistrust some phone calls. Do you notice that people are not answering calls, which is hurting lead conversion?

In this webinar, business leaders will learn about an array of simple, yet powerful, tactics and solutions. Hear from industry experts how to immediately improve call center operations and key business results. Attendees will walk away with a clearer picture of the current outbound call environment and learn about solutions to deploy immediately that will produce near-term results:


  • How to improve contact rates
  • What steps to take to reduce the odds that your calls appear as SPAM
  • When are the best times to call contacts in a geographic area
  • How to defend your business and outbound calls from illegal spoof activity
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