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Buyers Summit – Starting 1pm, Monday, March 24th

The Buyers Summit is an invitation only event for end users of leads. Only those whose primary business is the purchase and closing of those leads will be permitted. Unfortunately, this means that sellers be it aggregators, agencies, as well as service providers, will not be permitted.
Buyers, the event is a complimentary add-on to your LeadsCon registration.
Please submit the below form to process your request for access to the Buyer’s Summit. Listed below are selected past topics covered in the Buyer's Summit. As we near the event, the specific sessions will be added.

Buyer's Summit Sessions Have Included

  Making Social Media Work for Lead Gen Buyers
  Understanding the Lead Technology Ecosystem to Optimize your Business
  11 Ways to Squeeze More Value out of Your Leads
  Quality over Quantity: Is the Tide FINALLY Turning?
  Wake up! The Market Has Changed…Have You?
  TCPA: An Old Law with A New Set of Fangs. Don't Let It Bite You.
  CFPB and Lead Generation: Compliance in an Evolving Marketing Landscape
  What's In A Name: Is "Lead" A Bad Word
  Evolution of Lead Fraud: What You Need to Know and What You Can Do about It
  Understanding the Great Lead Blender: What Sellers Won't Share with You
  Insurance Lead Industry Consolidation: What does this mean for you?
  Clicks, Calls, or Leads? Which Is Right For Your Business?
  • Please briefly describe your lead buying activities and usage of leads.

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